1. Who are the committee members and are they credible?

A.    Ashok Barot, Chairman of Aviraj group of companies, a 52 year old businessman living in Atlanta and originally from Mehsana, Gujarat, India. He is an immensely experienced industrialist as well as financer with more than 25 years of experience under his belt. He owns 2 chemical companies and 1 pharmaceuticals bulk drug company in India in addition to being a majority stake holder in Aavis Pharmaceuticals (generic drugs manufacturing company with R&D facility) located in Atlanta region. 


B.    Ritesh Desai is a 42 year old businessman with a Bachelors in Business Administration.

He has been involved in the food industry for 17 years now. He has owned several

Subways in Indianapolis, Indiana and is now owner of a McAlisters Deli food chain in Columbus, OH. 


C.    Mitul Patel is a 42 year old entrepreneur with a masters in Computer Science. He owns several food chains, tobacco and draft beer stores and gas stations in Chattanooga, TN. Additionally, he has been involved in international trade as well .


D.     Dhiren Patel is a 42 year old businessman based in Chattanooga, TN. With 20 years of business experience under his belt, he has been involved in businesses such as gas stations, convenience stores as well as partnerships in multiples brands along with Raceway locations in both Tennessee and Georgia. 

E.     Viren Shah is 43 year old practicing physician based in Nashville, TN with specialize in Hospital Medicine and Rehab services. He has extensive leadership experience with Medical Director of acute inpatient Rehab at Tristar Horizon medical center; Medical director of Dickson Healthcare & Rehabilitation for last 7 years. He is deeply involve in Business planning, strategic planning with various real estate Businesses. He currently own multiple gas station, medical strip center & Managing partner of Investment Company

2. What kind of responsibilities will they bear on behalf of the group?

-     All committee members are well established businessmen in their respective fields and are very well experienced, credible and well connected. Consequently, several of their family and friends are willing to invest as well as purchase units in A-one group. All committee members are bound to the operating agreement and will be held to the same standard as the rest of the group. All activities will be performed according to the standard operating procedure. The primary role of the committee members will be to make sure that the funds are invested safely and lawfully. The committee will take care of details regarding lending and borrowing of money, all legal documentations​ ​and fillings will be done under their close supervision. All members will be held responsible for specific dealings on a case-to-case basis. Unit holders in the group are well connected which provides more security for investments.  


3.   Which kind of business activities will the group perform? What are some targeted areas where the group will find business opportunities?

-     A-One group will lend hard money, provide equity finance in addition to project finance to the individuals or to the business entities that can provide security against the borrowing of the fund. We aim to grab any and all opportunities that will be secure and beneficial to the group and its members. We can get business from owners of gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants, motels, builders and small business owners. 


4.   Why should the investor borrow money from a private finance group at a higher rate when they can get loans from banks at lower interest rates?

       -   Small businesses of many  kinds do not get bank loans easily when they require it.

Moreover, the process of obtaining loans is tedious as it requires a lot of documentation. It is difficult for startups to obtain loans due to lack of past experience. Motel owners have difficulty obtaining loans when they most require it because banks do not provide down payments for properties. Our group will be the solution for all these problems and more as we will provide financial help at the right time with less documentation and fewer requirements. The higher interest rate will be beneficial to investors as well.


5.    How is the group going to raise the funds to be used as capital?

-     A-One group is going to sell units to the members. The value of each unit will be of  $50, 000. Each member must buy a minimum of 1 unit with room for more purchase. The group will collect deposits from the depositors on the predefined interest rate when it’s needed.

6.   What is the difference between unit holders and depositors? 

-     Unit holders are the members of the group who will get profit sharing in the group. They will not get interest on the investments because they are shareholders of the group. Instead, they will receive dividends annually as per their number of units.  Depositors are not the members of the group, they will get predefined fix interest on their investment. They will not be involved in dividend or profit sharing.

7.   On what basis will the unit holder get their dividend? Can the unit price go up? How? How can this be appraised ?

-     At the end of year, all accounts will be settled. After applying  managing and operating expenses for running the group itself, net profit will be distributed between the unit holders at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The amount of cash profit that will be shared with unit holders will be decided at that time along with the amount of profit that will be topped on each unit. For example, if the group has a net profit of around 9% in a given year, we can decide to share 6% cash dividend to unit holder. Therefore, a cheque of that amount will be delivered to unit holder. The remaining 3% from the net profit of 9% will be the top up on unit value and that fund will be utilized for the further business expansion which will result in more profit to group. This procedure will be followed every year so that the value of each unit goes up every year along with the overall profit on the unit. 


8.   For how long must the unit holder be a part of the group? Is there any locking period for the unit holder and also for the deposit holder? Is the locking period necessary? 

-        Yes, we do have a locking period of 3 years for unit holders and 1 year for deposit holders. Unit holders cannot exit the group before 3 years and deposit holders cannot leave before 1 year.  However, the depositor can negotiate a time period before making a commitment to the group. In case they are not willing to deposit for a long period of time, they are free to leave after the locking period. If the unit holder wishes to leave after the locking period, they must inform the management 3 months in advance by filling out a formal application. 

-        The reason for these mandates is to make sure that the group has time to obtain your funds and also to make sure that we do not face a “bankruptcy”. As we will be investing your money instead of letting it sit in a bank locker in order to make profit, we would require time to obtain the money if/when you wish to leave the group. 


9. Is the unit holder allowed to sell their unit to any person or business of their choice?

-     Yes, the unit holder can sell his/her unit at any point in time. They must inform the management committee about their intentions. submit their unit certificate with an application that will allow the management to buy back the unit. In such circumstance, the unit holder will receive the current fair market value of the unit. The decision to sell that unit to someone else is completely up to the management after that point. 


10. Will the group provide a certificate of unit purchase to unit holders and a certificate of deposit to deposit holders? 

-     Yes, unit holders will be given a certificate of unit that will also define the terms and conditions of the group. It will be a legal document. Deposit holders will receive a promissory note from the group with terms and conditions defined along with a written period of investment agreed upon by both parties.


11. Can an individual or business purchase units at any time? Is there is a time limit to make the purchase? Are we able to block units and make partial payments? 

-        No, the management committee has decided on selling a fixed number of units initially. The units will be sold on a first come, first serve basis to potential buyers. Once all units are sold, no more units will be created. The group has also decided to limit the total number of members. Thus, when we reach a certain predetermined number of members, no new members will be allowed to join. Full payment of $50,000 per unit is due on the day of purchase. Advance booking with partial payment is not allowed. 

-        Units can be bought under an Llc .


12. Why should a person join this group as unit holder?

-        Today, the % interest on deposits or savings in banks ae extremely low. Mutual funds and equity markets are volatile so it’s not possible for everyone to risk money in such a way. Starting a new business or expanding an existing one is very costly. Moreover, banks aren’t willing to loan large sums to new businesses unless a list of requirements is fulfilled. Everyone wants safety of the funds, good return on the investments and a fixed income.

-        A-One group provides solutions to all the problems mentioned above. The management committee members are individuals with wide array of experience and credibility. The members are also from diverse business backgrounds which will allow maximum exposure to business opportunities to our unit holders. A-One Group also mainly consists of family and friends, providing a certain level of trust and stability. 


13. What is the safety of my fund in the group?

-        A-One Group will be engaged in hard money lending to businesses that provide collateral against the borrowed money. We will mortgage the property against lending and in such cases, the cost of the property will always be higher than the amount of money that was borrowed. We will never engage with the unsafe lending of funds.

-        We will also perform thorough research on the borrower as well as their business with the help of a law firm and a professional background check agency. This research will include property appraisal as well. The borrower will have to provide a personal guarantee along with a 3​rd​ party guarantor. In case the borrower is not able to return the money, the group will not be at loss because the property or business used as collateral will be of higher value.


14. Can I get finance from the group as a unit holder?

-     Yes, as a member of the group you or anyone referred by you is eligible to receive finance from the group. However, the final decision will be made based availability of funds. No priority will be given based on referrals, first come first serve will be the rule once all necessary documents are verified. As a group member it’s your moral duty to bring good clients to the door of A-One Group.


15. Which kind of business structure is the group adopting? Why?

-     A-One Group is going to adopt LLC structure because it allows pass through taxation. That way we are not taxed twice, individually and as a business.


16. What sort of returns can unit holders expect on investments? What about return on deposits?

-        A-One Group is a new venture but using a similar group as an example, we expect to provide a minimum of 6% cash dividend to unit holders in addition to a good top up value. 

-        We also expect to give 6% annual interest to a depositor who is depositing $10,000 to

$100,000. Interest to depositors will be calculated semi-annually on the 30​th​ of June and

31st​ of December. Interest will be calculated on these dates and depositors will get their

cheques after 15 days.

-        High amount deposits can get higher returns subject to terms and conditions. 

-        Unit holders will get their dividends through cheques by 15​th​ February of every year and with that a statement of account will also be provided.


17. Do similar investment and finance groups exist already? How have they performed?

-     Yes, many investment and finance groups exist that perform similar activities. Some of them have been around for 3-4 decades and are now worth billions of dollars. 

18. Who can invest in units? Who can deposit funds?

-     Any person who is a United States citizen or a lawful permanent resident (green card holder), lawful citizen of any country other than the US can purchase units or can deposit the money in A-One Group subject to the laws of their resident country. US law does not prevent foreign investors from investing legal money. 


NOTE:  Citizens of India who live in India can invest funds only by transferring money to a biological relative under the LRS scheme. They cannot transfer under the ODI scheme. Under LRS scheme any Indian citizen can officially transfer $250,000 annually to a biological relative living in the US. Any Indian citizen interested in investing in A-One Group should seek advice from their CA in India and CPA in the US. 



19. How can I start the procedure to purchase units in A-One Group?

-     First, you must submit an application to become a unit purchaser. You may obtain the form from any of the management committee members through email. You may submit the form physically or electronically to any committee member. You may forward the $50,000 payment with the application with a cheque or ask for bank details and deposit it in the bank account directly. You must deposit the money in the company account, not in anyone’s personal account or anyone else. Once we receive the payment, a confirmation

will be sent to you and a certificate will be provided to you in​ ​7 to 10 business days. You may visit our website for further detail (currently its under development). 



20. What is the exit strategy in case the business fails?

-     In case of failure, business assets and profits will be distributed first to deposit holder’s and remaining balance will be distributed among unit holders.