1. Who are we?

  • A new business venture that will invest your money into businesses and provide high returns on said investments.

  • We will provide financing to businesses looking for money using the investors’ money


2. Why borrow money from us?

  • Banks provide loans at a lower interest rate compared to us.

  • But, banks are picky when issuing loans and they also require a lot of documentation.

  • Small businesses and startups are not able to meet the down-payment requirements either.

  • We will provide loans at the time businesses need it.

  • High interest will benefit the investors as well.


3.   Where will the capital come from?

  • We will sell a fixed number of units to investors.

  • These investors, called unit holders, can purchase units that cost $50,000 each.

  • More than 1 unit can be purchased.

  • Depositors will provide another source of capital by providing money to us at a fixed rate.


4.   Unit Holder Vs Depositor?

  • Unit holders, as members of the group, will purchase units and in return, they will get shares in the profit inculcated by the group.

  • They will not receive fixed interest on investments. They will get dividends based on the number of units they purchased.

  • Depositors, who are not members of the group, will receive predefined fixed interest on individual investments.

  • They will not be a part of profit sharing.

  • Locking period is 3 years for unit holders and 1 year for depositors.


5.    How is the group going to raise the funds to be used as capital?

  • Any individual who is a US citizen or a lawful permanent resident (green card holder).

  • Individuals from other countries may invest based on the laws of their country.

  • Indian citizens living in India can invest (upto $250,000) only by transferring money to a biological relative living in the US based on the LRS scheme.

6.   How to purchase units? 

  • Submit an application to be a unit holder.

  • Forward $50,000 payment per unit.

  • A certificate of unit purchase will be sent within 15 days of payment deposit.

7.   Exit strategy ?

  • Business assets and profits will be distributed amongst deposit holders first and then remaining assets will be distributed to unit holders.